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1940 Gasser - ACME Rocket Sled


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Expected release date is Jul 1st 2024

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Before Pro Mod or Pro Stock race cars , the A/Gas Supercharged cars (Gassers) were the fastest on the street. The term ‘Gasser’ references a type of drag race car from the 1950s and 60s -- a period in time referred to as the “Gasser War Years”. They ran on gasoline instead of race fuel (that is, fuel containing methanol or nitromethane) -- this difference spurred a split, a division of drag racing.

Gassers looked much different than the other classic racing cars, too. They typically had a straight axle front suspension which gave the cars their domineering, upright stance. They had a high front end meant to distribute weight to the rear wheels which became iconic for old school drag race cars. Equipped with their Halibrand wheels, their missing front bumpers, front fender exhaust pipes and front-mounted moon tanks, Gassers were flashy and audacious. Showing them off around the track was a racer favourite.

ACME Rocket Sled - 1940 Gasser
Limited Edition - Estimated Production 402 Pieces

     -Opening doors, removable cowl
     -Poseable steering
     -Injected HEMI engine
     -Fully detailed interior
     -Diecast metal body
     -Serialized plate

first sample images - final product will vary slighty